About Us


CMHA-WECB is the lead provider and advocate of specialized community mental health and addiction services integrated with comprehensive primary health care services. For over 50 years, our branch has been supporting the mental wellness of our community with more than twenty specialized programs.  


Your Impact




Ride Don’t Hide raises awareness and funds that make a significant impact in our community. Your donation enables us to continue this essential work in several programs and services:

Losing a loved one can be one of the most traumatic experiences of our lifetime. Grief and loss have been compounded due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our renowned Bereavement Program helps adults and children cope with loss by providing supportive grief counselling and therapy, as well as education and consultation to community agencies, groups and the general public. Additionally, support groups offer peer support and education to help understand the grieving process and teach healthy coping strategies. Throughout the pandemic, we have been offering educational webinars free of charge online. This program relies on community support for sustainability.

Our Client Assistance Fund provides short-term financial support to CMHA-WECB clients in need. Up to $250 per client per year is available to help with grocery gift cards, transportation to appointments or job interviews, and other daily living expenses. The program is fully funded through community donations.

Our Sole Focus Project seeks to generate greater awareness about mental health, address stigma, and raise funds to ensure that mental health education and training are available to workplaces, schools and community agencies. Throughout the pandemic, we have been offering a variety of free webinars online to help deal with the impacts of the pandemic. We encourage the community to take a stand for mental health and visit www.solefocusproject.ca