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Beat the Burn

A personal campaign sponsored by Colin Richardson

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Supporting the Mental Wellbeing of Our Community's Frontline

Hey there! Thanks your interest in Beat the Burn’s fundraiser for the CMHA National.

This initiative was started as a result of the apparent declining mental wellbeing of public servants within frontline organizations. So many of these capeless heroes place their own mental health on hold as they continue to courageously serve their communities. Although this selfless act is nothing short of appreciated, we fear this will lead many down a spiral towards burnout. Beat the Burn is committed to stopping this downturn and keeping the flame burning bright within those that illuminate the most.

Our mission is to raise awareness for burnout amongst frontline organizations, normalize conversations about mental wellbeing, and end misconceptions surrounding burnout or compassion fatigue. As we strive to achieve that equilibrium shift we would love to raise some money for the CMHA along the way! Please consider making a donation to assist their vision for mentally healthy people in a healthy society.

We are proud to say that 100% of donations will go directly to CMHA National.

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