“I’m a Mental Health and Addiction Worker for the Canadian Mental Health Association and have been participating in Ride Don’t Hide for the last nine years. I take pride in the work I do and value the importance of mental wellness for everyone. Taking part in Ride Don’t Hide helps to increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. It also helps me to contribute to this valuable service in our community. Exercise has been shown to be a helpful coping strategy for mental wellness. I choose to ride for my well being as well as anyone else struggling with mental health.” 








“I started riding for exercise, to get outdoors and to have a little fun. Joining Ride Don’t Hide started as a challenge between friends – can we ride 50km in one go? The next year, was can we ride 100km?

The answer for why I keep coming back every year is rather simple. Everyone knows someone that is currently struggling with or has struggled with mental health. When I tell people what the ride raises funds for, they pause for a moment and reflect. Then they begin to share stories of friends and loved ones that have a mental health issue. We are open and honest about physical ailments, but when it comes to mental health, we stay quiet.  We try to power through. We suffer alone.

I have done Ride Don’t Hide for 8 (maybe 9 as they tend to blend) years with a great friend.  She and I have done every one of these together and we now have a group of 5-6 that come back most years.  We have ridden 50km, 100km, 120km and 160km for this great event. We have raised funds to treat mental health in the Windsor-Essex area, but more than that – we talk about the ride. We tell friends, family, coworkers, and fellow riders about the cause and for everyone that we tell, we are bringing mental health to the forefront. We are opening a dialogue. We are ending the stigma one pedal stroke at a time.

So to answer why I ride – it’s for those that can’t.  For those that struggle. For everyone to feel like they matter. To prove that no one is alone. AND to have a little fun while I’m are at it."


“For the past ten years, I have participated in CMHA’s Ride Don’t Hide event because of its importance to myself and my community. The funds raised by this event connect individuals with the mental health services and support that they need while also raising awareness. For me, riding my bike is many things: a chance to clear my mind, move my body, and explore my community. I look forward sharing my love of riding with others and supporting this incredible cause with CMHA for many years to come."