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Ugly (Truths) Holiday Sweater Campaign

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While the holiday season is widely considered a time of merriment and joy, for the one in two (52%) Canadians who experience feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness during this time (Maru/Blue, Dec. 2021), it’s not the most wonderful time of the year.    

With all the festive cheer surrounding the holidays, it’s not surprising that the majority of discussion prioritizes festive feelings over the more challenging ones. However, balancing the tone of this conversation helps those who find the holidays hard on their mental health know they’re not alone and that help is available if needed.

The Ugly (Truths) Holiday Sweater collection takes an iconic holiday staple and flips them on their head by highlighting mental health statistics to spark meaningful conversation.

If you’re visiting this page it’s probably because you saw one of the sweaters and were inspired to donate in support of mental health - so, thank you! Your donation will go a long way in helping CMHA promote mental health and support the resilience and recovery of those dealing with mental health concerns or mental illness.



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