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2nd Annual- Across the Nation Run in Isolation

A personal campaign sponsored by Andrew Flower

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I'm organizing a FUN RUN event while raising funds for mental health!

How did it start?

The idea started while going on a walk during the start of quarantine in March 2020. I was feeling the lack of motivation to run, as all sports/fun run events were cancelled. I knew that I wasn't alone in needing a goal or competition as motivation to stay active.

Why Mental Health?

Isolation during quarantine is a tough time for everyone. This is especially true when many of the activities that relieve stress such as running, aren't available during the pandemic. To combat this, I felt that organizing a run to get people outside, active and relieving stress all while raising money for Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) was a perfect 1,2 punch to help with mental health.

That's why I created 'Across the Nation Run in Isolation' a fun run for all skill levels, while raising money for mental health.

How does it work?


Don't have Facebook? See the sign up sheet below!

1. Donate on this page to CMHA for a great cause!! --- More detailed instructions are on the facebook page (link above)

2. Sign up for a distance category 2K, 5K,10K, 15K, 21K, 42K.
4. On race day MAY 15th, 2021 participants will their run using the Runkeeper/Strava app or smart watch. Where is the run loop you ask? Anywhere, that's the beauty of it. Choose your favorite local running path!
5. Participants take a screen shot and post on the facebook event page to show that they completed the race!

How did the '1st-Annual Across the Nation Run in Isolation' event in 2020 go?

This small idea turn into something way bigger than imagined! The 2020 "1st Annual- Across the Nation Run in Isolation" event was a major success raising upwards of $20,000. With close 150 participants from Victoria-Halifax and even some internationally in Scotland and Australia! The generosity and excitement was truly inspiring! Below are a few of smiling faces from last year!

I can't wait see what comes of the 2nd Annual- ANRI event!