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Move it for Mental Health 2019

A personal campaign sponsored by Caley Dimmock

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Move it for Mental Health - 2019

(October 6 - 20, 2019)

Last year's campaign was a huge success. We generated hundreds of thousands of impressions on social media, and we raised over $2600 for the Canadian Mental Health Association! Here are a few screenshots from last year's campaign:

So let's do it again this year and go even BIGGER!

I am so grateful for the services we have available in Canada, some of which I've had to use myself, however, we still have SO far to go. Wait times are excessive and access to services and quality of services available has a long way to go.

During the summer of 2018, I had a rough time as I was dealing with something in my personal life. As a result of this I ended up practicing what's called "opposite action" to try to manage the emotions I was dealing with. I did this by dancing on my Instagram stories. Those who watched said that I always seemed so happy and carefree all the time, but little did they know, I started dancing on my stories for my sanity.

It was a way to change my body chemistry in effort to change my mental state. And it helped. A lot.

So this is where YOU come in.

To bring awareness to mental health and mental illness, I want you to dance on your Instagram story and use the hashtag #moveitformentalhealth. Or if you feel like dedicating an entire post on your feed to it, that would be amazing too!

I want you to donate through this page. Even if it's just $5. You can go without your latte for one day.

I want you to nominate and tag two others on your Instagram story to do the same.

And if you tag me (@cjdimmock), I'll make sure to re-share as many as I can.

Let's Move It for Mental Health! 

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