Ride Don't Hide - Grey Bruce

Join us on June 1, 2022

Sorry, registrations are currently closed.


Ride Don’t Hide Grey Bruce is back!  In-person or YOUR OWN WAY!!!


The choice is yours! Choose to participate in-person with us cycling on Sunday June 26th or participate YOUR OWN WAY. It’s your choice on your way of making you feel good. The focus is just to be happy and joyful mentally and physically. It is time to RIDE and not HIDE, YOUR OWN WAY! 

Participating in this wonderful ride and challenge, it is an opportunity to bring mental health out in the open, spread awareness in our community while supporting mental health programs and services at CMHA Grey Bruce. This Ride, not race, is all about supporting our community, promoting well-being and breaking the stereotypes. 100% of the funds raised will go support our non-government funded programs including Youth mental health education programs as well as our community Brunch Program, Garden program, Social Enterprise Fresh Roots Café, Domestic Violence prevention, Harm Reduction Program and more.


How it works?

Choose to participate in-person on Sunday, June 26th by selecting a route: Family in-park route, 25 km,50 km,80 km or 100 km.


Registration opens 30 minutes before departure time

Family route 10:00 am start
25km 9:30 am start
50km 9:00 am start
80km 8:30 am start
100km 8:00 am start

Or sign up as a Virtual Participant by picking an activity you like, that helps you stay active and makes you feel good like dancing, walking, running, yoga, cardio, or working out. Do it daily in June and be consistent for yourself, for the community and motivate one another.


Are you ready? Here is what you can do.

Step 1: Ride don’t Hide 2022 is choose your own activity challenge. You can decide what how much you want to do it. Sign up here as an individual or a team and get it all started.

Step 2: Set a goal and track your progress however you want to do it. Once you sign up and register for the event an account will automatically be created for you. Log in to your account, set a fundraising goal, request donations, send messages to teammates and supporters.

Step 3: Go for daily walks in your neighbourhood, ask your friends and family to join, casually pedal on your stationary bike or do a 30-minute mediation and yoga session. It is your way to take care of yourself this spring. 

Step 4: Share your progress and journey with us in any way you like, a message, video or picture anything will work. Tag us so that together we can promote mental health out in the open. 

Step 5: Raise funds for mental health. All the funds raised by you, or your team will go towards the non-government funded programs at CMHA Grey Bruce. You can make an impact on the lives of many, and we will be forever grateful to you for that.


We’re not just a crowd. We’re a movement for mental health.