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RIDE DON’T HIDE - Kamloops

In Ride Don’t Hide Kamloops you take care of your mental health and take care of your community! This May and June , ride. Or walk. Or run. Or dance. Do what you love while you do some good. Move for yourself, for mental health and for the people all around you.  

It’s heart-pumping and it’s heart-warming! Move for your mental health.  


Ride Don’t Hide is a chance to… 


Do what you love and ride your own way! Choose the physical activity you love and get ready to move in May andJune.  Choose whatever gets your heart beating strong for mental health. And do it for yourself, each other, and the cause. 


1.Register and choose your own adventure – pick an activity (or multiple) that excites you.  

2. You can join our Strava Club by searching for Kamloops Ride Don't Hide to see how other Kamloopsians are moving and compete with your friends.

3. Set your own goal for total minutes of activity in May and June 2022 (Pro tip –  Don’t wait. Get started on your goal right away!) 

4. Set up your personal Ride Don’t Hide page to track your activity and achievements. 

5. Now go ahead and start raising funds . It costs $330 for CMHA to provide one more person with the community mental health programs, services and support they need, when they need them. (Pro-tip – You can send fundraising emails and post on your social media directly from your fundraising dashboard.)

6. Create or join a team of family and friends, or maybe in your workplace. (Your fundraising dashboard makes this easy, too.)

7. Ride! Or run, walk, jump rope, spin, do yoga, dance, climb stairs, lift weights, play tag with your kids…whatever gets your heart pumping for mental health. All through the month of June.

We’re not just a crowd. We’re a movement for mental health.