Ride Don't Hide - Greater Vancouver

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RIDE DON’T HIDE - Greater Vancouver


In Ride Don’t Hide Greater Vancouver you take care of your mental health and take care of your community. This June , Ride Anytime, Anywhere. Move for yourself, for mental health and for the people all around you.

Everyone's mental health needs increase. As the world continues to settle into a new normal. CMHA Vancouver-Fraser is responding as best we can to support our community's mental health. So today we are repositioning Ride Don't Hide as a virtual event - Ride Anytime, Anywhere. Ride Anytime, Anywhere between now and June 30th and support those struggling with mental health.

It’s heart-pumping and it’s heart-warming! Move for your mental health.  


Ride Don’t Hide is a chance to… 


Move more, feel better and give back. Do what you love and ride your own way! Grab your bike or tie up your shoes and get ready to move this June. Your hard work will do double the good - helping yourself, the community and local youth mental health programs. 



  1. Register.
  2. Set your own goal June 2022 (Are motivated by ticking off the kilometres or racking up donations?)
  3. Set up your personal Ride Don't Hide page to share your story and to track your activity and achievements.
  4. Now go ahead and start raising funds. It costs $2500 for CMHA to provide a child with a year of an activity-based mental health program.  (Pro-tip - You can send fundraising emails and post on your social media directly from your fundraising dashboard.)
  5. Create or join a team of family and friends, or colleagues. (Your fundraising dashboard makes this easy, too.)
  6. Get your bike ready to roll - get a tune-up now before the seasonal rush. 
  7. Ride! Or get moving is a way that gets your heart pumping for mental health all through the month of June.


We’re not just a crowd. We’re a movement for mental health.