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Ride Don't Hide Edmonton

Join us on June 1, 2021

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Ride Don't Hide - Edmonton


Each year 1.6 million Canadians report unmet mental health care needs. That need is going to grow as the impact of the pandemic reveals itself.
Ride Don’t Hide is a mental and physical wellness challenge created to raise awareness, build connection, and raise funds for the ongoing delivery and expansion of CMHA Edmonton’s programs and services. 

Help us bring mental health into the open by riding your bike, going for a run, playing outside, dancing, or doing whatever else makes you feel good. It’s been a long winter, and it’s time to get active in a safe way with your family, friends, or cohort. 

We believe life is better when you can be yourself. The Ride Don’t Hide movement is a place where you can be exactly who you are. 
Pick one or more of the activities to do throughout the month of June. Encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to sign up. Raise donations as you move and get active.


Move more
Set your own goal, move your body in your own way, and improve your physical and mental health! 

Give Back
Loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking. Ride Don’t Hide brings together teams, families, friends, workplaces and communities to rally around the most important cause of our lifetimes. 

Feel Better
As a participant, you’ll get tips, tools, tricks and activities to help you take care of your own mental health, while taking care of others. 


How do I get involved?

1) Register for free and help bring mental health into the open

2) Set your own goal for total minutes of activity you want to achieve in the month of June. 

3) Choose a fundraising goal - $330 helps one more person receive the mental help support they need when they need it. Set a goal bigger or smaller – what you think you can achieve.

4) Connect with others – create or join a team with friends, family, or with your workplace. 

5) COMING SOON! – Download the Ride Don’t Hide mobile app to automatically track your activity and to fundraise effortlessly from your phone




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