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Your Impact

When it comes to youth mental health, we can’t just treat illness. We have to get ahead of it. We need to protect our greatest asset – the health of the next generation.  

Youth need support today. We need to intervene early in life before illness can take hold. CMHA believes in care before crisis. We can do so much more to promote mental health, prevent mental illness and intervene early. Doing more takes the pressure off the acute-care system. And it saves young lives. 

There are effective ways to build resilience and equip children with the emotional and social skills they need to support their mental health. Your donations to Insuring Our Future will fund CMHA programs and services that support the mental health of youth and their families, programs such as:



MOBYSS at CMHA York South Simcoe

The Mobile Youth Walk-In Clinic (MOBYSS) offers young people a safe space to talk to a medical or mental health professional in a warm, welcoming, and friendly environment. Thanks to generous supporters, MOBYSS services are 100% free and confidential with staff who are caring and non-judgmental.




UROK at CMHA Vancouver-Fraser

UROK Pandemonium creates fun and empowerment for youth aged 13-18 who are living with a mental health challenge. This monthly, recreation-based program, provides a social and safe environment for youth to engage in activities in their community that allow them to meet – and overcome – personal challenges in a supportive way. It offers opportunities to build friendships and encourages the development of peer social networks that reduce the isolation often felt by youth who are living with a mental health concern.



Bounceback for Youth offered nationally

BounceBack is a self-led coaching program for people ages 15+ who are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety.  BounceBack uses cognitive-behavioral strategies for overcoming difficulties such as inactivity, avoidance, worry, and unhelpful thinking. Particpants work through a series learning modules with the help and support of a trained coach. Thanks to our generous supporters, BounceBack is entirely free of charge, and is available any time, anywhere in Canada.