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CMHA Mental Health Moments


As the world responds to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg share tips and tricks for daily wellness.


How to Maintain Well-Being During Current Events with CMHA 

Enjoy a short instructional video on Maintaining Well-Being During Current Events. This video explores the various dimensions of our well-being and identifies a few strategies to stay resilient and focused on self-care. The facilitator of this video is Stacey Krueger, the Community Educator at CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg. 

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How to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by the News and Social Media with CMHA

The video speaks to the value of reducing our exposure to too much news coverage and social media during uncertain times.

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Creating a Joy Jar with CMHA 

Learn How to create a ""Joy Jar"" where you can keep happy and joyful memories to help boost your happiness when you are having a tough day.

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Learn the strategy "3 Good Things" with CMHA 

The "3 Good Things Strategy" can be very helpful to boost our mood and connect us with the concept of gratitude.

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Managing Anxiety with CMHA  

Tune in to learn 7 tips to manage anxiety.

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Daily Wellness with CMHA 

Join folks from the CMHA as they share 8 ideas to improve our well-being that can be used daily.

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