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105 KM
For the Advanced Cyclist
The ultimate challenge for even the most advanced cyclists – the 105km route is in a class all on its own! Join a limited number of cyclists for a unique experience as you ride through Springbank south past Bragg Creek and into scenic Kananaskis Country. The number of participants on this route will be capped at 150. 

The 105km route uses Highway 22 from Springbank Road to Beaver Lodge (just past Elbow Falls) via Highway 66. Elevation gain of 933m, est. moving time of 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Check out the route on Strava or download a printable map here.

50 KM

For the Intermediate Cyclist

This route, designed for the intermediate rider, gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself! Following cycling routes along the roadways in Springbank, this route is full of hills, valleys and a landscape that will take your breath away as you make your way south into Bragg Creek. The number of participants on this route will be capped at 200.

The 50 km route use Highway 22 between Springbank Road and Bragg Creek there/back. Elevation gain of 295m, est. moving time of 2 hours and 5 minutes

Check out the route on Strava or download a printable map here.

10 & 20 KM 

Family Ride

A terrific option for beginners trying out cycling for the first time. This route follows quiet back roads through the Springbank area and overlooks the beautiful mountains the entire way. 10km too short? Complete two loops for 20km! The number of participants on this route will be capped at 200.

Elevation gain of 83m, est. moving time of 26 minutes.

Check out the route on Strava or download a printable map here.


Pickup your rider kits on June 12 from 2pm-6pm in the Recovery College at Canadian Mental Health Association Cagary Region, #105, 1040 7 Avenue SW. You can pick up rider kits for your whole team! 


 Ensure your bike is safe for the road and make sure you know the rules of the road. All riders are required to wear a helmet. Review our safety document prior to Ride Don't Hide. Remember: this is a ride, not a race! In the case of inclement weather and/or poor visibility, race organizers reserve the right to suspend the event. 

Please note, trailers and tag-alongs are not permitted. All children must be accompanied by an adult.