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Rider Centre


Welcome to the Ride Don’t Hide Rider Centre!

As a Ride Don’t Hide rider, you are a leading the way in bringing mental health into the open. You understand that we need to support and take care of our mental health, just like our physical health. And that the first step is making it safe and normal to talk about our mental health, honestly and openly. 

Your participation in Ride Don’t Hide brings mental health into the open. By being part of the Ride, you are standing up for mental health and showing others that we are not alone. Your efforts in fundraising help people in your community access the support and services they need to take care of their mental health. 

So, we built this Rider Centre as your place for all things Ride Don’t Hide – fundraising tips and tricks, training and safety support and awesome perks and prizes!

We’re constantly adding new items to the Rider Centre, so come back often!




Virtual Rider Toolkit



We may be at home, but together we’re a movement for mental health.

By joining us for Ride Don’t Hide, Virtually, you are showing the world that even though we’re apart right now, no one has to go it alone in dealing with their mental health.

Even in uncertain times – especially in uncertain times – we need our communities more than ever. Ride Don’t Hide, Virtually aims to bring you a sense of agency, wellness, connection, contribution, community and belonging. Know that if you have any questions at all, please write to us

Apart we can be strong, but together we’re unstoppable. Especially with you on the team.

So, here we go.





Self-Care Kit

While you bring mental health into the open, don't forget to take care of yourself! Brought to you by The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Ride Don't Hide's Wellness Partner.

Self-Care Kit


Livestream Events

We may not be together, but you are not alone. Ride Don't Hide wants is here to help you take of yourself - physically and mentally. Join us for a series of livestream videos aimed to help you take care in these weird times. 

Family Fitness with Carolyn Tran


Mental Health in Conversation with Hugh Toner, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacist



Yoga with Evonne Sullivan


Mindfulness Meditation with Scott Ste Marie


Self Care in Challenging Time - A Discussion

with Erin Treloar of Raw Beauty Talks, Asante Houghton, Zeinab Khwaja, and Jenni Davies.



Print At Home Kit






Online Tools

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Fundraising How To

Some people go beyond what’s expected and commit themselves heart and soul to a cause; lucky for CMHA, you are one of those people. As a Ride Don’t Hide rider, you are someone who cares deeply that everyone’s mental health be promoted, protected and celebrated. The funds you raise for Ride Don’t Hide go to vital Canadian Mental Health Association programs in your community that help people protect, support and celebrate their mental health. These programs change lives. They save lives.

We know that fundraising isn’t easy – but we also believe that bringing mental health into the open and ensuring we all have the services and support we need to thrive is a cause worth fighting for. And we are here to help.

Here are our best tools, tips and tricks to help you bring mental health into the open and make a difference.

The Complete Ride Don't Hide Guide to Fundraising
Why I Ride Story Generator Your Fundraising Pep Talk The Art of Asking
Crafting Your Emails Creating Your Social Media Posts 10 Donors in 10 Days
Gratitude Generator Donations by Cash or Cheque  



Tools, Forms and Downloads


Donation Form Pledge Form



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Social Media Posts
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You know that we all deserve to feel well, whatever our mental health experience. And your participation in Ride Don’t Hide helps to ensure that no one has to go it alone. 
You know that one person can change the world—imagine what a team can do! Because alone we are strong, but connected we are stronger.

You can be a leader for mental health as a Ride Don’t Hide Team Captain. All it takes is the willingness to reach out to others and a little extra time, and you’ll become one of CMHA’s most important Ride Don’t Hide participants. Your role will help bring together your teammates in a rewarding and inspiring event, fostering a sense of community and helping people see and feel that they are not alone. 

Set your fundraising goal, bring together your family, friends and coworkers, and make a difference together.  Team Captain Toolkit, FUNdraising Ideas, Team Poster and More coming soon!




Rider Wellness

Brought to you by Ride Don't Hide's exclusive Wellness partner, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy.

Self-Care Kit

While you bring mental health into the open, don't forget to take care of yourself! 


Your Pharmacists Role in Enabling Better Mental Health

Mental health disorders are challenging for people living with them as well as their loved ones, but these conditions can be overcome with the appropriate treatment and the help of your Medicine Shoppe personal pharmacist.

How Your Pharmacist Can Help

Your personal pharmacist will review your current medication, talk about alternative options and make sure side effects are not inconvenient for your lifestyle. If you have to discontinue medication, your personal pharmacist will ensure you do so progressively and safely. They can act as a bridge between you and your doctor, so you can fully focus on your recovery.

A Pharmacist Perspective - On the Front Lines of the Pandemic

Being a pharmacist in a community pharmacy has always been rewarding, but comes with its set of challenges, and those challenges are magnified by the COVID-19 emergency currently gripping the world.

A good pharmacist tries to stay aware of all aspects of a patient’s health, recognizing that each person may need support not just for physical health and wellness, but also mental health and wellness.  When I ask someone ‘how are you?’, I really want to know. Not just how are you managing to stay active and healthy, but also how are you feeling or thinking during these difficult times.   Sometimes a supportive word or quiet inquiry opens up a broad area of discussion about someone’s current concerns. 

I am also aware that although things may feel dire, there are lots of reasons to keep on with regular schedules and to support ongoing goals like quitting smoking, or exercise and weight loss, or medication compliance.  It’s a real privilege to be able to encourage someone to take charge of their health, and to help them to focus health concerns and navigate the health system in the most effective way.

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To learn more or to find your personal pharmacist, contact The Medicine Shoppe today.


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