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Rider Centre

The pandemic has caused enormous stress for individuals and communities, so it’s normal to feel that stress.

You are not alone.

As a Ride Don’t Hide-er, you’re part of a nationwide movement. It’s a big family, and we’ve got your back.

This Rider Centre is your place for all things Ride Don’t Hide. You will find the inspiration and motivation you need to move more, plus tips and tricks to help you fundraise and to take care of yourself, as well as some awesome perks and prizes!


Check back often for new items!





Give Back

In order to thrive, we all need a good sense of self. We all need to have purpose, and to feel hope. We need to feel that we belong and that we make a contribution. Here are some ways to give back.



The funds your raise for Ride Don't Hide help ensure that more Canadians can access mental health support and thrive. Find your community to learn more about what your support accomplishes in your neighbourhood.

The Complete Ride Don't Hide Guide to Raising $330

Adding Donations by Cash or Cheque       Pledge form for Cash Donations     


#WhyIRide Story Kit

Sharing your story is not only a good way to fundraise, it also brings mental health into the open and signals to all your contacts that you support their mental wellbeing, too.

The Ride Don't Hide #WhyIRide Story Kit

#WhyIRide Print at Home Sign       Print At Home Rider Bib



Now more than ever, we need to be deliberate about keeping up our connections. We all need support sometimes, build your team so no one rides alone.

Teams Toolkit

Team Captain Job Description       Print At Home Team Poster




Feel Better




Ride Don't Hide is all about giving back and feeling better. And practicing gratitude is a sure-fire way to boost your spirits. 

Gratitude can also help reduce anxiety and depression. It encourages us to see the good that exists in the world. Gratitude can help lift us out of a stressful moment and connect us to something larger than ourselves. It builds our self-esteem and resilience, helping us bounce back from stressful situations. Expressing gratitude helps draw people into community and strengthen our bonds and relationships.

Learn more about gratitude and how to incorporate it in your everyday life.


Gratitude and Your Mental Health

Join us for the Gratitude with Westland Insurance Challenge June 14-20 as part of Ride Don't Hide to learn more about how gratitude is good for you! Here's how:

  1. Find your community and register for Ride Don't Hide, 
  2. Download the Gratitude Generator Toolkit and use throughout June to help you thank your donors and practice gratitude in your daily life.
  3. Share your gratitude on Thursdays with the hashtags #ThankfulThursdays, #RideDontHide and #WestlandInsuranceChallenge.
  4. Reap the mental health benefits as your pandemic-discontent ebbs away and your hopefulness soars!
  5. Make it a habit! Gratitude is good for you all year long.

Learn more about how Westland Insurance can help protect some of the things you might be grateful for.




Mindfulness and Mental Health, with

After a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us don't feel like ourselves. Maybe you're tired, or foggy, or anxious. Maybe you're just blah. Here's your invitation to step out of the pandemic monotony and find some calm and beauty in the moment.

Why Mindfulness Works       Tips and Tricks to Get Started       Tune In for Guided Meditations

Meditate with Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Challenge

Want an easy intro to build mindfulness into your everyday life? Join the Meditate with Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Mindfulness Challenge June 21-27 as part of Ride Don't Hide! Here's how it works:

  1. Find your community and register to Ride Don't Hide
  2. Download the Ride Don't Hide app from the Apple App or Google Play store.
  3. Meditate or practice mindfulness for 10 minutes a day at least five days between June 21 and June 27. Tune in here for livestream guided mediations to help you get started.
  4. See your stress go down, your sense of clarity increase, and your overall wellbeing improve.
  5. Rest, and repeat! Mindfulness is good for your mental health all year long.

Learn more about how Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy supports Ride Don't Hide, and can help support your mental health.








What we eat--or don't eat--can have a big impact on how we feel. Ever felt 'hangry' on the way home from work?

This doesn’t mean counting calories or restricting ourselves – diet culture is not mentally healthy. And Ride Don’t Hide strongly believes that wellness comes in all shapes and sizes and abilities.

It does mean paying attention to what we fuel our brains and bodies with, and making the most of the options available to us. It means eating for fuel AND for fun. It means taking joy and comfort in the things we find delicious AND giving our minds and bodies the nourishment we need to thrive.




Nourish your Mental Health

Your Zehrs Dietitians have prepared some healthy and yummy options to nourish our minds as well as our bodies.

Join us right here on June 28th at 5:00 pm for a livestream cooking demonstration, presented by our partners from the PC Health App to fuel you over the Ride Don’t Hide finish line!

Learn more about how the PC Health App can help you boost your mental health and overall wellbeing.

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