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Everyone needs somewhere to turn | Tout le monde a besoin de quelque part où aller

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Clara has struggled with depression and anxiety since she was a girl. She got no help at school. Later, she got no help at work. She got onto waitlists, and then waited. And waited. The help never came. “I have lived in the dark for years. I have nowhere to turn.”  


Let’s rewrite Clara's story: 


Clara struggled in the dark for years. Then a little light snuck in. Her company made mental health its business and she got what she needed at work. (CMHA calls this workplace mental health.)  


Then a lot more light: universal healthcare lived up to its name and she got mental health services that keep her out of crisis. That keep her well. (CMHA calls this parity.)  


And then one day, Clara’s son came home from school a little sunnier than usual: “We learned about our mental health today, mom.” (CMHA calls this mental health promotion). 


The Canadian Mental Health Association helped Clara write a new story. 


You can help rewrite the story of mental health in Canada. 


Please consider making a donation today.  


With your generous gift, you are making vital mental health services and supports possible in over 330 communities across Canada. Supports that keep people out of crisis. Supports that keep people well.  


Your support this year will help CMHA rewrite the mental health story for all people in Canada—millions of individuals, their families and their communities 


We will write this story together, thanks to the support of donors like you. Everyone in Canada has the right to mentally healthy places to work, live, learn and play. Everyone in Canada needs somewhere to turn.  


By donating today, you are rewriting the future of mental health in Canada.  

Thank you so very much for your kind and generous support of CMHA.  





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