Help Enbridge raise funds for the CMHA!

On Jan. 1, 2019, Union Gas and Enbridge Gas Distribution combined to form Enbridge Gas. We exist to deliver the energy that enhances peoples quality of life, drawing on a 170-year history of providing safe and reliable service to customers. Owned by Enbridge Inc., we are based in Ontario with 4,500 employees.

Generally, one in five Canadians live with poor mental health, mental illness or addiction.  Now, as we continue to navigate through this global pandemic, it feels more urgent that we all make caring for our mental health a priority as research shows that seven out of ten Canadians are worried that we will face a mental health crisis after this pandemic.

Enbridge recognizes the importance of mental health and the overall health and well-being of our employees. We strive to promote and support a positive work environment and openly communicate about mental health through education and awareness. As Enbridge employees, we are committed to improving access to mental health services for Canadians to recognize our Social Impact focus. Every strong city needs engaged citizens, and giving back enriches our community and makes many resources available that would not exist otherwise.

Take on the 330 Challenge: Be active for 330 minutes in June!

Practice one or more physical activities (walking, jogging, riding a bike, dancing, your favorite fitness/yoga routine, etc.) for at least 330 minutes in June. You can sign up under your team, download an app to track your activity and help raise funds! “

How To Join

1. Register by joining the Enbridge team. Click here to join. 

2. Choose your own adventure. Thousands of riders—and walkers, runners, yogis, spinners, dancers, families, rope-jumpers , HIIT trainers and more—will come together to ride outside, ride inside or ride in spirit to raise funds for mental health in their own communities.

3.. Did you know it costs approximately $330 for every Canadian to have access to mental health resources in Canada, when they need it? That's why we have suggested the fundraising amount to be $330 but feel free to adjust the amount to whatever you feel comfortable. 

4. Once complete and agreeing to the terms and conditions, continue to confirmation to receive your Virtual Rider Kit!

5. Don't forget to download our new Ride Don't Hide app after registration is complete. The new app is a way to stay connected to your teammates. Within seconds you can fundraise and track your activity within the palm of your hand. 

6. Finally spread the word. You can use the tools in our online Rider Centre.

Team Members - "Why I Ride"

1) Brian Lennie: I ride because mental health is just as important as physical health, and raising greater awareness is a priority.
2) Margaret Pisanska: I ride for all the people facing daily inner turmoil and uncertainty.
3)Nancy Suzuki: I ride because mental health and supporting each other is important for our communities. 
4) Lauren Whitwham: I ride in spirt because exercise is extremely important to my mental health and I’m excited to raise funds for others to get the help they need.
5) Jane Fraleigh: Riding puts thing into perspective for me. It only takes a minute to stop and appreciate a beautiful view.


Together let's move more, give back and feel better!