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 Help Siemens Canada raise funds for the CMHA!

The pandemic is taking an emotional toll on people in Canada, as 77% of adults report feeling so-called negative emotions, stress, anxiety, loneliness and sadness. Far from feeling the pandemic is over, most people in Canada are stressed about what’s next, with 64% worried about new variants and 57% worried about COVID-19 circulating in the population for years to come.

Two years of pandemic-related stressors, including grief and trauma, are likely to lead to significant long-term mental health effects on both our population and the frontline mental health providers caring for them.

Millions of Canadians who cannot get the mental health help they need due to long wait lists or high costs, rely on free mental health and addictions services and supports provided by the not-for-profit sector, but these organizations are strained to breaking.

“The community mental health and addictions sector cannot meet these growing needs with the current funding model,” says Margaret Eaton, National CEO of CMHA. “Between chronic underfunding, patchwork services and people not knowing where to go, Canadians are not getting the help they need when they need it.”

Almost one in five (17%) Canadians felt they needed help with their mental health during the pandemic but didn’t receive it because: they didn’t know how or where to get it (36%), couldn’t afford to pay (36%), couldn’t get access (29%) or because insurance didn’t cover it (19%).

Siemens Canada teams, listed below, are raising funds for the local branches of the Canadian Mental Health Association to ensure that mental health care is available when we need it, wherever we are.


Want to help? Here's how!

Donate today!

Be active for 330 minutes in June!

Raise funds for mental health programs in your community!

Make an online donation to help your local team reach the fundraising goal. Your donation will be matched by Siemens! Practice one or more physical activities (walking, jogging, riding a bike, dancing, your favorite fitness/yoga routine, etc.) for at least 330 minutes in June. You can sign up under your team, track your activity on the Ride Don't Hide website! 

Did you know: it costs an average of just $330 to offer one more person the community mental health programs, services and supports they need, when they need them. 


How To Join

1. Register by clicking on the link that corresponds to your office location.

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2. Choose your own adventure. Thousands of riders—and walkers, runners, yogis, spinners, dancers, families, rope-jumpers , HIIT trainers and more—will come together to ride outside, ride inside or ride in spirit to raise funds for mental health in their own communities.

3. Click ‘Join a Team’ and find "Siemens."

4. Did you know it costs approximately $330 for one more Canadian to have access to mental health resources in Canada, when they need it? That's why we have suggested the fundraising amount to be $330 but feel free to adjust the amount to whatever you feel comfortable. 

5. Once complete and agreeing to the terms and conditions, continue to confirmation to receive your Rider Kit!

6. Finally spread the word. You can use the tools in our online Rider Centre.