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We've lived through so much stress and uncertainty the past two years. But we know one thing for sure: we will not hide our mental health.

When we hide how we feel, we can’t get the help and support we all sometimes need. 

To feel well, we all need to have a good sense of self, feel hope, feel like we’re making a contribution, be resilient and enjoy ourselves. The pandemic has made this harder, but we can take a stand and do something to help. Physical activity, working towards a goal, connecting to our communities and feeling a sense of belonging are essential to our mental health. Now more than ever.

Ride Don’t Hide offers our participants a chance to move their bodies, hone their coping strategies, and connect with community. And it offers nationwide and regional employers a Corporate Challenge to support mental health on multiple levels - for employees and colleagues, for communities, and for Canadians who need support. 




Huge Thanks to our 2022 Corporate Participants!