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Register, Ride, Raise Funds. For better mental health for you, and for your community.

Ride Don’t Hide 2021 is a “choose-your-own-adventure.”

You decide how—and how much—to get involved. Ride Outside, Ride Inside or Ride in Spirit.

You can Ride Outside for 100 km throughout June or simply go out for a “leisurely” Sunday ride. 

You can Ride Inside with a rigorous 30-day spin challenge or casually pedal your stationary bike while bingeing on Netflix.

Or you can Ride in Spirit, because it doesn’t have to be a literal ride. Crossfit in your basement, do yoga in your living room, take a brisk morning walk before you start work or take 10 minutes in your day for mindfulness. However you take care of yourself this spring – that’s your Ride. 

And sharing it with others – that’s your ‘Don’t Hide.’

  1. Find your community.
  2. Register and choose your own adventure – pick the route, the activity and the goal that excites you.
  3. Set your own goal for total minutes of activity in June 2021 (Pro tip – you can start on the road to that goal right away!).
  4. Set up your personal Ride Don’t Hide page to track your activity and achievements.
  5. Connect with others – create or join a team of family and friends, or maybe in your workplace. Use your fundraising dashboard to send emails, post to social media, and get others on board. At Ride Don’t Hide, #NoOneRidesAlone.
  6. COMING SOON! Download the Ride Don’t Hide mobile app to automatically track your activity, and to fundraise effortlessly from your phone!
  7. Raise funds for mental health. $330 helps CMHA provide one more person the community mental health programs, services and support they need, when they need them.
  8. Ride! Or run, walk, jump rope, do yoga, dance, climb stairs, lift weights, play tag with your kids…Move more, give back, feel better.




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