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Ride Don't Hide, Virtually


We’re so glad you’re here. 

We’re in uncharted waters with COVID-19, but we’re all in the same boat. The COVID-19 pandemic means that we can’t be together this year for Ride Don’t Hide.

But you are not alone.


Ride Don't Hide, Virtually

We don’t have to ride shoulder to shoulder to stand up together for mental health. Riders – and spinners, walkers, runners, yogis, kitchen dancers, meditators, and every other mental health champion – across Canada this spring are Riding Outside, Riding Inside, or Riding In Spirit to bring mental health into the open, wherever we are.

We can’t be together, but in Ride Don’t Hide, Virtually,  no one rides alone.  We may be at home, but together we’re a movement for mental health. 

Join Ride Don’t Hide, Virtually  to show the world that even though we’re apart right now, we are not alone in dealing with our mental health. 

Even in uncertain times – especially in uncertain times – we need our communities more than ever. Ride Don’t Hide, Virtually  aims to bring you a sense of agency, wellness, connection, contribution, community and belonging. 

Apart we can be strong, but together we’re unstoppable. Especially with you on the team.


Your Ride, Your Way

Ride Don’t Hide, Virtually is your ride, your way.

Ride outside, ride inside, or ride in spirit to bring mental health into the open, wherever you are.


So what is a virtual ride, anyway?

A virtual ride is a choose-your-own adventure. You decide how—and how much—to get involved. Whether you choose to Ride Outside for a 100 km throughout June or simply go out for a “leisurely” Sunday ride. 

Whether you commit to a rigorous 30 day spin challenge or casually pedal on a stationary bike through your next Netflix binge.

Whether you replicate your favourite cross fit regimen in your basement, do yoga once a week in the living room, take a brisk walk every morning before working from home or start a new mindfulness practice in the 10 minutes between home-schooling and starting dinner. 

However you take care of yourself this spring – that’s your Ride. 

And sharing it with others – that’s your ‘Don’t Hide.’


How It Works

1. Register here to Ride Outside, Ride Inside, or Ride In Spirit.

2. Then, raise funds and bring mental health into the open, wherever you are.

3. Set a goal to challenge yourself – announce it on your personal fundraising page. Your goal could be to:

  • Ride 100 km in June
  • Spin or stationary bike for 50 km or 500 minutes
  • Walk, run, hike 20 km or 100 minutes
  • Move, dance, do yoga or meditate every day in June
  • Or whatever you do to take care of your own mental health.

OR set a fundraising goal. Ask for:

  • $10 for every km or minute of cycling or spinning
  • $25 for each day of of a 30 day challenge
  • $500 to help provide one hour of virtual counselling
  • $1,000 to help create online resources to help Canadians cope

4. Then, spread the word. You can use the tools in your Fundraising Dashboard or in our online Rider Centre.

5. Track your progress on your fundraising page with regular updates, or livestream a ride or a challenge.

​6. Finally, connect. Ride Don’t Hide will be bringing you stories, training tips, wellness info and more, all online. Participate from your phone while on a ride or a jog, from your living room, backyard or wherever. Because we don't have to be together to be a movement for mental health.



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