We're not just a crowd.
We're a movement for mental health.



Ride. Walk. Run. Dance. Do what you love while you do some good. Move for yourself, for your mental health and for the people around you.

Ride Don’t Hide is a chance to:

Move More.

Give Back.

Cope Better.



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I am Danny and this is why I ride:

I ride to feel the wind on my face and to feel alive. Cycling is my way of taking care of me. On my bike at Ride Don’t Hide, I’m cycling for me but, actually, I feel I’m riding for all of us. We all need to take care of our mental health. That’s why I ride.

*not pictured

I am Fatima and this is why I ride:

I ride to raise funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association. CMHA was there for me when a member of my family died by suicide. I found a group of people there who understand. They really get it. I am feeling so much stronger now. Ride Don’t Hide funds services that get it. That’s why I ride.  

*not pictured.